Thursday, 3 October 2019

Is Xiaomi Poco phone f1 still valuable ?

Xiaomi pocophone is considered as one of the best mobiles that come under 20000 rupees. This phone was released in the year 2018 with a pricetag more than 20000, but recently the phone has got it price reduced less than 20000.
 In the recent GIS xiaomi Poco was sold even below 15000. So should we buy the phone in the sale ?
See xiaomi pocofone's best feature is its processor. It got a Snapdragon 845 processor which is considered as the best processor of Snapdragon for Android till now and this one processor its seriously just made for flagship phones. And if xioaomi is adding the processor in a phone that does not even cost 20,000 - that does not make it less than any flagship but the processor makes the phone - a flagship phone which is not costly. We all know how xiaomi reduced the price. Xiaomi used a plastic body to reduce the price of Poco. Xiaomi gave everything it can to the hardware segment and did not give anything to the body. Thus poco does not really look like a very expensive smartphone but we all know what it is capable of.
Because of its old release in 2018 xiaomi Poco phone lacks some features that are available in today's generation mobiles.

let's see the pros and cons of Xiaomi pocophone.
Xiaomi pocophone got a Snapdragon 845 processor which is literally the fastest Processor till now. So we have no doubt on . The 660 graphics, which is also is one of the best graphics that is available till now is also present in it. Again the camera it got on the back is 12 megapixel only but we must not forget the iPhone also have a camera that has dimension similar to it. but that iPhone's camera  quality it's no doubt better than xiaomi but still xiaomi uses the camera by directly connecting it to the graphics. Thus the image produced by the camera are really superb. And also the low light photography gives nice and clean results. Three best part is it fully supports all the features of google camera. So we cannot say that this camera does not have a good image processing capability but the cameras megapixel count is less compared to any mobile that are being sold these days.

 Cons of Poco 

Poco was released in 2018. So basically everything that was invented after 2018 are absent in Poco. like after 2018 the flagship camera's started sliding out of the body but Poco phone does not have that feature.  Poco phone is based on the old notch system 
Recently a new invention was added to the smart phones which is on screen fingerprint . xiaomi has added this feature to its latest flagship smartphones but Poco lacks this feature too.

Also the versions of quick charging is developing rapidly. Poco was released it supported fast charging. But now quick charging 5
4.0 is out and Poco would not have that feature too.

The last corner Poco is the lack of USB type C. Every flagship has a Usb type C but poco doesn't. I don't consider it as a feature lack, because it doesn't really affect it's amusing performance.


I have tried playing Call of Duty, PUBG etc games on Poco and all the phones that are available in its price segment and I have found that Poco is the best among all.  No brand ads Snapdragon 845 processor under 15000 but xiaomi has made it possible. So thanks to xiaomi for making it possible for everyone to afford a smart phone that has a processor like a flagship phone and that a  graphics that can let them play Call of Duty player unknown Battleground in full graphics and full highest framerate settings.

If you want to buy Poco , you can click the link below
Which would take you to the product page of amazon. And there you can decide whether to buy or not

Click on the link below to go to the product page

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